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THIS RIDE's BEEN FUN - Unreleased and Outtakes 1990-1998 - Has studio versions of many Busker songs which never made it onto "official" releases. The instrumental "Seventh Stone In" kicks things off, with alternate takes of "Gool" and "Come On Around", some of the live fan favorites, "Catherine", "Nurse Morphine", and some rarely performed songs from the studio, live, and practice space.  Released for the final show, track by track liner notes - $12
WELCOME TO BUSKERLAND  was called one of  the best records of 1999 by the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Daily Herald and WXRT.  Recorded and produced with Johnny K. at Groovemaster Recording, and released independently by the band in late 1999.  Includes "Missing Link" "Hippopotamus", "Come On Around", "Fire at The Coachhouse", "It's 3", more

- $10

WESLEY LEE ROTH - 3 Songs, recorded at the coachhouse. 
Early versions of It's 3, Cyberhigh & the rare Wesley Willis.
Released in December 1996, Cool Handmade covers - $6
BUSKER SOUNDCHECK - 11 Songs, includes Trip To Mars, Gool, Pod, Swirling Sea, Helium Cannonball, 
Take It Easy With That Thing. Our first full length CD on Fuse, got us lots of nice reviews and we toured a lot. 
Released August 1995 - $10
LIVE AT CHRISTMASTIME - Christmas medleys, some basement stuff, mostly recorded live at the Empty Bottle 
with audience singing and screaming - released December 1997 - these are all made up one at a time -  $12
7" Perfect Foil/This Ride Is Fun - Great cover art by Damon Kagel, Got lots of college radio play (both sides), on super cool blue vinyl - $3
DOSE - 8 song cassette, originally released in 1992, includes Trip to Mars, This Ride Is Fun, Led Shoes, Sky Is Falling, Fatal Fall, more, fun cover art with Mr. Jeff Pope - $6
DEMO UNO - Our first release - 6 and a half songs - came out in October 1990. Includes Your very Own Flag, Dark Spell, Ready For The Fall, Leather Jacket, Diamond, California Dreamin', Live Ending
Tapes are sold out - Now available on CD-R - $10
Secret Demo Club Volume I 1994 - SOLD OUT
Arrows (5-Song 1993 with Catherine, Nurse Morphine, etc.)  SOLD OUT
"Come On Around" CD from 1998 (with Yellow Light, Autopilotride etc.) SOLD OUT
Busker Soundcheck "Busch Beer Can" shirts! A big hit with our fans - you look like a can of Busch when you wear one of these - on heavyweight blue 100% cotton shirts - $11 - SOLD OUT

Coming: Christmas 1999 at Double Door (live),  Bruce Lamont and Busker as Black Sabbath (live), Led Zeppelin 2003 (live CD and video)

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